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- Muthing -

Muthing produce some of the best flails to come on to the Market.

High performance Flails for the Agricultural market up to 4.2m. And a full range of Flails for the Groundcare market. Muthing flails are renowned for their high quality of cut and mulching capability, so much so that are being used to cut playing fields and amenity grass, which has always been the home of the cylinder mowers.

This new type of flail will give you quality performance and finish but with low purchase and maintenance costs.

MU-C 35HP Front or Rear mounting For Compact Tractors up to 35 HP STANDARD EQUIPMENT Made from High Quality Steel QSt/E with centred Head Stock Cat....Details
MU-ECOTOP 75HP For Rear Mounting on Tractors up to 75hp Product details Made from High Quality Steel QST/S with 2 position Head Stock Cat. I + II for Rear...Details
MU-Farmer 830F 400HP
MU-Farmer 830F 400HP Hydraulic Folding Butterfly - Combination for Front and Rear Mounting to Tractors up to 400HP 3 YEAR GUARANTEE AGAINST BREAK OF M HAMMER Standard...Details