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Stiga is owned by the GGP Group manufacturer of one of the largest range of lawnmowers and garden machinery in Europe. Stiga is well known for the quality and reliability of its lawnmowers, lawn tractors and garden equipment. The Stiga name has been associated with lawnmowers, garden tractors, and ride on mowers for over 75 years.

Stiga products have comprehensive manufacturer's warranties (the period varies according to the model), which give you  peace of mind and protect your investment. When you buy a Stiga mower you are buying a quality machine that will provide you with years of service and reliability.

Articulated steering is the secret. You sit above the pivot point and look ahead over the cutting deck. It is easy to turn and easy to navigate around bushes, trees and fences, because the back wheels follow the track of those at the front. It is an incredible feeling, almost as if it drives itself. Test drive and experience the feeling of freedom! Combined with 4WD you can stop and go almost anywhere without slipping, including slippery slopes and snow-covered driveways. RAC-System is included on all Park models

Titan 740 DCR
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Park Pro 16 4WD
Park Pro 16 4WD Park Pro 16 is an all-terrain, strong and versatile all-year-round machine with four wheel drive, hydraulic power assisted steering and electric cutting...Details
Park Pro Svan 4WD
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Park Pro 25 4WD
Park Pro 25 4WD Park Pro 25 satisfies even the highest demands of a professional with its powerful twin-cylinder Honda GXV 660 engine. This is an all-terrain, strong...Details