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Domestic Lawn Mowers

When you're choosing your lawnmower, the biggest influencing factors are the size, shape and turf type of your lawn. You'll also need to think about how much time you want to spend keeping your grass looking its best! Here are some hints to help you buy what's right for you.

Rotary lawnmowers mowers are extremely versatile and cope with most types of lawn, rougher grassy areas and difficult, sloping banks. You can choose from electric rotary lawnmowers or petrol-driven models. And there are manual push or self-propelled versions too.

If you have a big area to cut or you have difficulty pushing a lawnmower, then a self-propelled model is definitely worth checking out. On a rotary lawnmower the blades rotate horizontally at the selected cutting height.

What type of grass have you got? A lawn with really fine ornamental turf needs frequent cuts to keep the grass short and looking its best. A cylinder mower is just right for this job.

But most family homes have lawns made up of a mixture of ryegrass and a generous growth of weeds and sometimes moss! This kind of lawn gets plenty of wear and tear and needs cutting at least once a week. You're better off with a rotary lawnmower here. More versatile than cylinder lawnmowers, rotary mowers can cope with longer grass if you miss the weekly cut. If you have a petrol lawnmower, it'll handle damp grass when the weather is wet.

Rotary mowers are great on rough grass too - paddocks, orchards or a naturalised bank where you only need to cut once every few weeks. Choose a four-wheel model. It does better on rough grass than a model with a back roller.

Look at the shape of your lawn. Do you have curving edges and border paths? Is the surface undulating with gentle slopes and grassy banks? Have you planted trees and shrubs in your lawn? If your answer is yes, then go for a hover lawnmower. They're extremely lightweight and float over the grass. They're also easy to handle, even in small areas and between flowerbeds.

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