Servicing & Repairs

Servicing & Repairs

We have a team of time served factory trained technicians and fully equipped 120 square metre workshop.

Equipped with test equipment from electrical systems to hydraulic systems. small high reving two stroke machines to 100hp diesel engines

Three Grinding machines to enable us to spin grind heavy duty cylinders upto 42"

High speed precision, single blade in situ, and relief grinding machine for multi blade greens mowers.

We also have a machine shop and full welding facility

All work is guaranteed.

And to avoid pre season difficulties and delays we have an all year round service programme in which customers are asked to register or if you buy a machine from us, you will automatically be notified about servicing, on or near the purchase date of your machine.

We are sure you are aware of the climatic changes that we are all experiencing and how it effects certain aspects of our lives. You may not be aware of the difficulties it has given us with grass cutting equipment servicing.

Historically machines went through a "Winter Service" program from mid October until mid April but now most people cut grass all year round just reducing the frequency during the winter months. Therefore making it impossible to carry out all the preventive maintenance services during the winter period.

Last January we were on our usual five-week return time and forty garden tractors were booked in on one day. We simply cannot cope with this volume in such a short period. We have discussed this problem with other dealers and we are not alone in this dilemma.

Not only does this put great pressure on us but also efficiency and quality may then be compromised. It then becomes very difficult for us to respond quickly to breakdowns during the late winter and spring months due to the huge amount of servicing. Therefore the winter servicing process has to change.

We are setting up a system, which will enable us to service your equipment at a pre-determined time.

The fact that we can organise our time more efficiently means that we can endeavour to respond to breakdowns and problems faster.

Please ask for the servicing department.