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Deltrak Irus

Irus Deltrak 2.0 Remote Controlled Mulcher The primary function of the DELTRAK 2.0 is to mow/mulch grass on steep banks and slopes. It is designed to work on sloping angles up to 55 degrees. Often working in the most remote locations, the DELTRAK 2.0  is operated by way of a multi-channel remote control radio. The DELTRAK 2.0 also features a "zero-gravity articulation system" which enables the engine to be in a upright position at all times when the machine is operating on a slope. This ensures the engine maintains full lubrication of all internal components at all times and under all load conditions.The 800kg mulcher has a maximum speed of 6 km/h which not only ensures that the work is performed in the most efficient time, but also allows the operator maximum control over the equipment at all times.

Engine: 35 hp Turbo, 3 cylinder, diesel- engine

Cutting width: 42" (105 cm), 50" (125 cm)

Transmission: Dual hydro pumps

Speed: 6km/h (V), 6 km/h (R)

Deck Construction: 10-gauge, fabricated, with double top deck, double reinforced side skirts and overwelded corners

Cutting height: Adjustable

Remote range: 200 - 300m (visible range)

Sender Operation: Frequency 433.1 - 434.75 MHz

Dimensions: (L) 240 cm, (W) 135 cm, (H) 97 cm

Dry weight: 800 kg

Warranty: 12 month manufacturer's

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Pease Enquire for Pricing