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The REFORM Metrac is a mountain agricultural two axle mower designed for extreme slopes. It is distinguished by cutting edge technology and highest effi ciency. With its outstanding slope capability, combined with highest soil protection, the Metrac provides unique work comfort. Reform Metrac have been built since 1965.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Powerful, thrifty 4 cylinder diesel engines
  • Multi-function lever for highest operating comfort*
  • Pre-selectable differential locks with 100% locking effi ciency
  • Switchable four wheel drive
  • Depending on the area of use: Speed change gearbox
  • or hydrostatic drive
  • 4 steering modes: 4 wheel steering, front, rear and crab steering
  • Low dead weight and low centre of gravity
  • Slope capable, soil protecting low pressure tyres
  • Permanent ground contact of all 4 wheels through oscillating front axle (central joint)
  • Hydrostatic steering
  • 2 full attachment areas with powerful linkages
  • Weight compensation and vibration damping*
  • Power shift PTO
  • Axle guided, trailing front linkage


Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys
Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys