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Mounty Slope Tool Carrier


The REFORM Mounty is a tool carrier that was designed with a focus on special tasks. It stands out by its versatility and wide range of use. Cutting edge technology, high operation and driving comfort and best efficiency make the Mounty a cherished machine.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Hydrostatic drive for continuous transmission of power in any situation.
  • Hillholder for stability on the ground in extreme conditions (prevents unintended rolling off)
  • 4 steering modes: 4 wheel, front, rear, and crab steering (mirroring possible)
  • 3 attachment areas for any use
  • Electro hydraulic weight compensation and vibration damping
  • Multi-function control lever for intuitive operation (front and rear linkage on one unit)
  • Switchable 4 wheel drive (push of a button)
  • Preselectable differential locks with 100% locking action on front and rear axle
  • Power shift PTO (push of a button)
  • Choice between exhaust emission stages 3A and 3B
  • Powerful common rail diesel engine
  • Sturdy chassis design
  • Optimal power to weight ratio with low centre of gravity


Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys.
Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys.