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Muli Transport Vehicle


Efficiency and versatility are standard in REFORM transporters. Whether its clearing snow in winter or vacuuming leaves in autumn, whether it's transporting with a tipper or loading with a crane – the REFORM transporters have a wide field of application, and do it all with only one base machine!

The different attachments are mounted to the massive main frame with quick couplings like anchor or eye bolts and can be changed quickly. The use of various deposit systems is particularly efficient. You change deposit containers in a matter of minutes and are ready for the next job. Water containers, crane attachments, salt spreaders, special containers for cemeteries, rock dumpsters for excavation work, large containers for greenland maintenance, flatbeds for forklift loading, ground loading for machinery, and much more.

Reform Muli are designed as automotive machines for reliable use in rough sloped terrain and score with their formidable terrain capability, maximum safety, and high operation and driving comfort. The tried and tested vehicle concept with 4 equally sized wheels and the connection of front and rear carriage by the pivoting link set unequalled standards.

The chassis of the Reform Muli is designed for versatility. It offers 4 full attachment areas for a variety of attachments top mounted on or via 3-point mounting.

1: Main frame for top mounted attachments (built on self loading trailor, manure spreader, manure container, 3-side tipper)

2: Front linkage with/without front PTO (rotary disc mower, twin blade, flail mower, snow blower, snow plough)

3: Platform frame behind the cab (crane)

4: Rear linkage with rear PTO (wood chipper, fertiliser spreader)

These attachments can of course be used in combination.


The outstanding qualities of the Muli chassis at a glance:

  • Low dead weight implemented
  • High payload
  • Quick release system for top mounted devices
  • Patented automatic quick release system for mounting and removing the scraper floor
  • No handling of heavy cardan shafts



Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys
Please enquire for pricing, as specification varys