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This is the first lawn tractor in the sub 92cm 36" category to feature a twin bladed cutting system. 

The blades contra rotate and direct grass cuttings through the wide rear discharge chute into the collector.  A twin bladed deck gives a better finish than one with a single blade. 

Collection is cleaner and more powerful due to the direct centre rear discharge in conjunction with the throw and air volume generated by two blades. The cutting result is also visibly improved as a twin bladed deck follows the ground contours better and is therefore less likely to scalp the grass.  Cutting heights range from 25mm to 80mm with 7 pre-set positions. 

Grass cuttings are blown into the large 240 litre rear mounted collector, which has an alarm to alert the operator when the collector is full. The collector can be emptied from the drivers seat, simply pull the lever up and tip out the grass.

The 1430H has a semi-automatic hydrostatic transmission, driving this model is like driving an automatic car.  Simply press the front section of the transmission pedal to move forward, the harder you press the faster your speed.  To reverse press the rear section of the pedal. Changing between moving forwards and backwards is seamless, ideal when you have obstacles or tight corners to negotiate.

This tractor has a comfortable high back seat which is adjustable to suit the driver.  The seat also features a safety switch which cuts out the engine if the driver gets off the machine when the blades are turning.

To engage the cutting blades, simply pull out the switch on the dashboard; the electric clutch does the rest.  Turning off the blades is equally easy, simply push in the switch to engage a brake which stops the blades within 3 seconds.

Fitted with a 432cc Mountfield Series 7500 OHV four stroke engine this 1430H tractor may be small but it has power to spare.

Manoeuvrability is another important factor to consider when choosing a tractor.  Light steering and an incredibly tight turning circle make the Mountfield 1430H a class leader.

Keeping your tractor in tip-top condition is easy, the cutting deck has a washing connector, simply snap on a hose, turn on the water, run the blades for a minute or two and the job is done!

Mountfield's 1430H garden tractor is a versatile machine; not only does it offer fantastic grass collection, it can rear discharge simply by fitting the optional deflector, this is particularly useful when cutting long grass.

If you don't want to collect the grass fit an optional mulching kit and the 1430H becomes a great mulching tractor.  When the conditions are right you can recycle grass using this device but still achieve the same finish as if you had collected the clippings, you really can't tell!  There is also the added benefit of returning vital nutrients to your lawn.

This model can also be fitted with an optional tow bar which allows the use of many labour saving accessories.  For more details click on the Ride-On Accessories tab.

Starting MethodElectric Key
Engine BrandMountfield
Engine TypeSeries 7500 OHV
Engine Capacity432cc
Net Power Output7.9kw @ 2600rpm
DriveRear Wheel
Blade EngagementElectronic
Cutting Width84cm / 33"
Cutting Heights25-80mm (7 Positions)
Turning Circle140cm
Collector Full BuzzerYes
Collector240 litres
WheelsFront 15"  Rear 18"
Head LightsYes
Safety FeaturesSeat with Safety Contact Breaker
Max Speed8.8km/hr
Fuel Tank Capacity6.0 Litre
Included AccessoriesN/A
Battery ChargerYes
dB Rating100
Weight192.8 Kg
Lawn Size1.5 to 2 acre
DimensionsLength 234cm Width 90cm

Please Enquire for Pricing
Please Enquire for Pricing