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MB 545 VR

Achieve the classic British stripe effect to your lawn with the VIKING MB 545 VR 17” rear roller model. Easy handling and the sturdy lightweight polymer chassis guarantee excellent results. ReadyStart engine: petrol engine starts with one easy pull, no priming required due to an automatic choke. Easy 6-setting central cutting height adjustment. 60 litre volume catcher box with level indicator. 3-setting height adjustable handle. Suitable for gardens with lawns up to 1000m².


Technical data

Cutting width cm43
Engine type (HP)B&S Series 675 RS
Cutting height mm20-75
Grass catcher box capacity l60
Working speed U/min2.800
Weight kg34

Standard features

  • Vario drive roller

    The Vario drive roller allows you to be in complete control of the speed via the handlebar lever. You can always choose the ideal pace: slower in long and dense grass, faster in thin and short growth.

  • Central cutting height adjustment

    The cutting height can be adjusted to one of 7 levels via a lever. The desired cutting height can be precisely adjusted with the aid of a sprung-loaded mechanism via the handle on the left-hand side of the housing.

  • Height-adjustable handlebar

    The handlebar height can be adjusted simply and quickly and fixed in 3 different positions according to the user's height.

  • Foldable handlebar

    Thanks to the foldable handlebar, VIKING lawn mowers are easy to transport and convenient to store.

  • Stable frame construction

    The handlebar is attached to the lightweight, high-strength polymer housing via a sturdy steel frame. This allows easy and convenient manoeuvring of the mower, even in confined spaces and around obstacles.

  • High-lift blades

    The high-lift blades combined with the aerodynamic housing produce a strong air current that lifts the grass before cutting and blows the cut grass into the grass catcher box.

  • Rear Roller

    With the aid of a full width split roller on the rear axle, the grass is rolled in the direction of travel. This results in the typical striped lawn pattern.

  • Innovative grass catcher box

    The catcher box can be 100% filled, thanks to the optimised design shape and air guide. The air vents face downwards so that grass and dust do not escape upwards. The two-part catcher box design ensures easy opening and emptying.

  • Polymer deck

    The housing of VIKING lawn mowers is made of high impact, heat and UV resistant polymer.

  • ReadyStart

    ReadyStart reduces the effort required for starting: just one easy pull on the starter cord and the engine starts. Using an automatic choke requiring no priming, means that reliable starting is ensured at all temperatures.

  • Vario-drive

    Vario-drive makes mowing the lawn easier especially where you have larger areas or gentle gradients. Adjust the lever and the mower starts moving at the required speed.

  • Integral level indicator

    The integral level indicator shows when the catcher box is full and ready for emptying

  • Replaceable side bumper strips

    The bumper strips offer additional protection when mowing next to walls and edges. If they are marked or damaged, they can be easily exchanged and replaced.

Please enquire for pricing
Please enquire for pricing